String Figure Bibliography

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Dr. Tom Storer

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The following is an abridged, updated version of Storer's monumental "String Figure Bibliography," currently in its third edition (2000). The complete bibliography, which lists over 1800 articles, book, and monographs that mention or describe string figures, is available here.

Below is a list of the most frequently consulted string figure documents. All contain illustrations and instructions for making string figures, unless otherwise stated. The documents are geographically grouped for those readers wishing to learn more about the string figures of a particular region. The list begins with a section devoted to books for children and/or beginners, and ends with a section describing references of interest to mathematicians.

Most entries in the geographic sections are scholarly articles and monographs that can only be found in university libraries or in digital archives like JSTOR. Articles published in Bulletin of String Figures Association (1978-1993) or Bulletin of the International String Figure Association (1994-present) are available from ISFA Press.

Works for children and/or beginners

Storytelling with String

DVDs and Video Tapes for beginners

Collective Works (all geographic regions)

Unlike the above works, the works in this list are either scholarly in nature or include previously unpublished string figures.


The Arctic



Southeast Asia

Pacific Islands




North American Indians

Central and South American Indians

Europe, Asia, United States, and the Middle East

Works of Mathematical Interest

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