String Figure Software

String Figure Analyser: This software by Martin Probert reveals which crossings of a ‘string-figure knot’ need changing to obtain a genuine string figure. It is the perfect tool for correcting the crossings of string figures designed on paper, and may prove useful for establishing a working figure from faulty reproductions of traditional figures for which no known method exists, and which do not seem to be constructed by traditional techniques. It may be that, with the aid of this software, string figure enthusiasts with artistic talent will be able to devise string figures that would not be easy to produce by other means.

Probert's software is mentioned in an article that was published in Volume 20 of Bulletin of the International String Figure Association.

The software is supplied in zip format. After extracting the files, double click the exe file to run the program. Read the pdf file to learn how to use the program.

Last updated January 10, 2015
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