ISFA News, Volume 3, no. 2 (September, 1997)

ISFA Publishes Fourth Bulletin

This year’s Bulletin of the International String Figure Association is again the largest ever: Fifteen articles consuming 240 pages In fact, it was necessary to postpone the publication of two articles due to space limitations (Part II of the Arctic String Figure Project and Jim Murphy’s “Ten Men” system). Except for extra copies of the Bulletin, contributing authors receive no compensation for the articles they submit. Please let them know you appreciate their volunteer efforts! Express your thanks by sending them a letter or an e-mail message.

Thanks to a decrease in the price of paper, the cost of printing and mailing this year’s Bulletin is the same as the cost of last year’s Bulletin ($3200), despite the extra 48 pages. Mailing will begin in early October. Members residing outside North America can expect to receive their copy in mid-November (surface mail). Abstracts and the table of contents have already been posted at our web site if you are curious.

If you wish to submit an article for publication in the next Bulletin, please do so no later than May 1, 1998. We are advancing the deadline so that authors have more time to examine the page proofs. Guidelines for preparing manuscripts and illustrations are posted at our web site. It’s already clear that Volume 5 will be a pivotal issue: Will Wirt plans to dazzle us with figures he collected recently in China and Tibet, and Daniel McCarthy will describe figures gathered by a colleague in Nepal. Start planning your contribution today!

Magazine Update

On rather short notice Joseph D’Antoni agreed to prepare the September issue of String Figure Magazine so that Mark Sherman could focus on the Bulletin during the months of July and August. The September issue will feature 104 drawings that illustrate how to make six Pacific Island/Rim figures. As you can imagine, the drawings require a tremendous amount of time and effort, so please be patient. Mailing will begin as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy the Bulletin!

Welcome New Members

Although we now offer ‘more for the