Tao Ta 16

One of seventeen contemporary string figures created by Masahiko Eguchi of Japan. All utilize techniques from the island of Tikopia, where the word Tao means "hold" (one or more strings) and the word Ta means "manipulate" (one or more strings).

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Step 5 - (Hold down one string, manipulate two strings): 1 hooks down 2n, then 2 hooks 5n and 2f toward you, passing over 1n; 2 (with the help of 3) hooks up 1n, rotating away from you and up with the captured string (in the process, 5n and 2f are released from the tip of 2).

This time, do not straighten 1 to release 2n and the loop on 1.

Instead, pass 1 under all intermediate strings, pick up 5f and return through the lower 2 loop and the 1 loop, which is released from 1 in the process.

Release 5 loop.

1, from below, removes upper 2 loop; 5, over 2 loop, removes upper 1 loop from above.