Moe Hora Hia

Collected by Kenneth Emory from the people of the Tuamotus. The Polynesian title and associated chant are difficult to translate, but according to Emory the straight string that meanders through the four diamonds represents the path of a ghost.

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Step 5 - 1, from the near side, enters the double 5 loop; 1 catches the oblique 5f string on its back, then 1 passes down and away from you under the transverse 5f string; 1 picks up transverse 5f and returns with it (in the process the oblique 5f string slips off 1).

Release double 5 loop and extend.

5, from below, removes 1 loop by hooking down 1n as 1 releases its loop.

With 1 push double 2 loop towards the tip of 2 to ensure a wide extension, then use 1 to arrange the figure and create symmetry.

Note that the central horizontal string, which represents the path of a ghost, is locked within the pattern. In traveling from left to right it passes away from you through the first diamond, then in front of the second and third diamond, then towards you through the fourth diamond.